Uninstall Module

During development you may want to uninstall module, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Delete Module

  • <?php
  • include_once 'vtlib/Vtiger/Module.php';
  • $Vtiger_Utils_Log = true;
  • $module = Vtiger_Module::getInstance('<ModuleName>');
  • Unordered List Itemif ($module) $module→delete();

Step 2: Delete Folders

Module folders and files needs to be removed manually. Following are the location where its references exists.

  • modules/ModuleName
  • languages/en_us/ModuleName.php
  • languages/…/ModuleName.php
  • layouts/vlayout/modules/ModuleName
  • cron/ModuleName

Step 3: Delete Data

Module stores data in the database-table, you may want to delete / truncate the same.